PowerPC Accelerator Boards for Apple
Power Macintosh Computers und compatible Systems

Are you looking for the ultimate performance experience? No problem. With our stunning line of G3 Accelerator Boards, available for many different PowerMacs and Clones, you can upgrade your system to the latest, breathtaking performance level – compatibility for the future inclusive. But our products do not only offer performance, but the highest quality at surprisingly attractive prices, all from Europe´s leading manufacturer of G3 processor cards for PowerMacs and compatibles. Don´t wait any longer - take off to the G3 class with phase 5 digital products!

    PowerPC 750 (G3)-Accelerator Boards
    for PCI PowerMacs and compatible Systems

    PowerPC 750 (G3)-Accelerator Boards
    for PowerMac 4400/7220 and Motorola "Starmax" Systems

    Aptus G3
    PowerPC 750 (G3)-Accelerator Boards
    for UMAX Apus Computers and compatible Systems

    PowerPC 750 (G3)-Accelerator Board
    for Power Macintosh G3 Computers

Graphics Cards for Apple Power Macintosh
Computers und compatible Systems